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Orthodontic practice Dr. Frank Kirsch Dr. Lukas Mertens Bergheim

Welcome to the practice for orthodontics in Bergheim with a special focus on Invisalign and modern orthodontics with fixed and loose braces!

Your orthodontics in Bergheim for more than 30 years

In the more than 30 years since the practice for orthodontics was founded in Bergheim, we have successfully advised and treated several thousand children, adolescents and adults with orthodontics.

In our modern practice for orthodontics (KFO Bergheim), we offer you an extensive range of services. A beautiful smile with straight teeth and an optimal bite is the hallmark of every human being. 

The entire team at Kieferorthopädie Bergheim looks forward to seeing you soon at Zeiss-Str. 3a, welcome.

Your orthodontist in Bergheim (KFO Bergheim),

dr Frank Kirsch (orthodontist)

dr Lukas Mertens (M.Sc. Orthodontics)

KFO Bergheim, orthodontic practice Dr. Frank Kirsch Dr. Lukas Mertens Bergheim, Invisalign
KFO Bergheim, orthodontic practice Dr. Frank Kirsch Dr. Lukas Mertens Bergheim, orthodontist
dr Cherry
dr Mertens
ZA Reuter
Younes AhmedYounes Ahmed
08: 26 04 Sep 23
The best
Tugay InceogluTugay Inceoglu
23:34 09 Aug 23
Super artz practice there is music, there are several drinks items and ice cream for free otherwise nice clean and polite staff and super experienced doctors
16:05 13 Jul 23
As you can also see in other reviews, this small practice is really recommendable! The dentists value and interest in discussions with their excellent interaction with the patient. The assistants are also particularly friendly and patient. With little waiting time and a... clean, luxurious environment, as well as the felixble appointments, this dental practice definitely deserves 5/5 stars!read more
good Morninggood Morning
12:41 04 Jul 23
Excellent result, from now on I can always smile! :-) In addition, a very nice reception, great assistants and very competent doctors. Thank you very much for our wonderful time together!!
Fabian EngelsFabian Engels
19:43 27 Jun 23
A very nice and friendly practice. My son has been being treated there for about 3/4 years (5 years when the treatment started and very anxious) now really enjoys going to the orthodontist and is as proud as Oskar after every visit. I can heartily recommend it!
Esther DriesersEsther Driesers
07:08 22 Jun 23
They deliver a very precise and clean job, with great advice. In addition, modern furnishings, the feel-good factor is there, my trust too!
Deborah CaccavaleDeborah Caccavale
17: 25 19 April 23
I am a patient and can only recommend the practice. The doctors are very careful, as are the assistants who work there, but especially the little blonde, she always welcomes me with a friendly smile, is always in a good mood, very patient and always answers to everyone... my questions.read more
René HamblochRené Hambloch
13:49 02 Feb 23
My son has been a patient in the practice for about six months, we are and have always been very satisfied. My six-year-old son was never afraid. We always feel welcome and in very good hands. Now even drinks are offered in the waiting room. Kudos to that... entire practice team.read more
Sarah HirschSarah Hirsch
14:44 27 Jan 23
dr Mertens takes a lot of time and responds professionally to all questions and concerns. I felt very well looked after and cared for throughout the treatment. I am more than satisfied with my result and can Dr. Highly recommend Mertens!
10:56 12 Dec 22
The treatment at Dr. Mertens went without any complications and was able to finish with a great result. He is always friendly and takes a lot of time to explain everything calmly and to adapt the treatment to me individually. I have already recommended him to a friend and also... she is more than satisfied with the result :) The practice team is professional, polite and always gave me the feeling as a patient that I was in good hands there. I can only recommend the practice!read more
Alexander LutherAlexander Luther
17:58 11 Dec 22
At the end of last year, on the recommendation of a work colleague, I consulted Dr. Mertens and started an Invisalign treatment with him. I'm excited! Every visit went completely smoothly and the treatment has led to very nice results. I can only recommend!
Roda AtesRoda Ates
22:36 06 Dec 22
I've been thinking about aligner therapy for a long time. After me Dr. Mertens was recommended and I was able to get to know him, I decided to start therapy. A great practice, a great team with a great doctor! You feel well-being and in good hands. The most important thing... the teeth are finally beautiful and straight, just as we had planned! Thanks for everything!read more
Emily HorkaEmily Horka
22:47 05 Dec 22
I felt very well advised and in good hands at the practice. I had previously started treatment at DR SMILE, but I didn't have the feeling that I was getting professional advice there. In contrast, Dr. Mertens detailed the treatment with me during the first appointments... discussed and all the details explained to me. I am really looking forward to having the treatment done by him!read more
Isabela DriesersIsabela Driesers
21: 20 30 Nov 22
I had my braces removed yesterday and am very happy with the result! The treatment was great. The entire team is super friendly and competent. All of my questions were answered in detail at all times! The practice is modern and conveniently located. Thank you!
12: 34 13 Nov 22
We felt we were in good hands right from the start and the result was simply great. A professional team and great doctors. Everyone exudes a positive atmosphere. There were almost no waiting times. Everything well organized. I can recommend Dr. Kirsch and his team 100% with a clear conscience... recommend.read more
Miro MehicMiro Mehic
17: 07 23 Oct 22
In June I had my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Cherry completed and I'm very happy with the end result! The special thing about the treatment: I was able to carry out the treatment successfully despite a six-month semester abroad in France. The treatment went flawlessly... I could always contact Dr. Report cherry (actually happened once). I would go back to Dr. Cherry come!read more
Daniel KovacDaniel Kovac
19: 00 20 Oct 22
As an Invisalign employee, I was looking for a practice that had experience with our product and also put my interests and goals in the foreground. After some searching, a friend introduced me to the practice of Dr. Kirsch recommended. After a consultation including a treatment proposal and a... After sleeping a few nights over it, I decided to have my treatment done there, because I was given very good professional advice and my goals were taken into account. Thank you for the treatment (even if it's not quite finished yet 🙂 )read more
Sarah WachtmeisterSarah Wachtmeister
07: 17 19 Oct 22
I've been a patient for three years and I've never lacked for anything. The employees are very friendly and do their job carefully. Each process is also explained and made clear, so that you are well informed about all processes! The practice is very clean and the... Waiting times are always short. I was always happy to come to my appointments.read more
Nicola HitschmanNicola Hitschman
20: 10 12 Oct 22
On the recommendation of my sister, who is a dentist herself, I went to the practice of Dr. Kirsch and Dr. Mertens introduced. I am enthusiastic about the competence and think it's great that I was presented with the result virtually in advance. I can't wait to see the result... to see my own teeth. I immediately felt comfortable in the practice. The whole team is very nice. I can recommend the practice.read more
19: 09 09 Oct 22
dr Mertens treated my siblings and I with Invisalign and showed a lot of patience and understanding, especially with my little sister (12 years old). The results turned out really well and the overall impression was positive and really professional.
mark vancinimark vancini
14: 03 07 Oct 22
I had fixed braces as a child and the result after two years was very miserable. I was still happy when the clip was out. Years later I realized that my crooked teeth are not only unsightly but also bad for my health. So i have... started looking for a suitable orthodontist in Bergheim. At one practice, the team was unfriendly and the prices were very high. Finally, I'm with Dr. cherry / dr Lukas Mertens found what I was looking for and was first given competent advice and I was offered fair conditions. Overall, I am more than satisfied that I am being treated here.read more
10: 20 05 Oct 22
dr Mertens is a great orthodontist. Was treated by him and he was always friendly and took the time to explain everything calmly and worked out an individual solution for me, with the result I am more than satisfied. Can only recommend the practice.
Marisa NovelliMarisa Novelli
20: 02 30 Sep 22
I can always recommend this practice, was treated with my children, a super nice team and Dr Kirsch is the best for us, friendly, very patient, especially when children are afraid. You can tell the years of experience.
Yvonne GoebbelsYvonne Goebbels
13: 43 29 Sep 22
Was treated by Dr.Kirsch as a child, was always very friendly and knows what he is doing. I'll be there with my children, 2 have finished the treatment and have super nice teeth. One is still being treated, everything is going great. You get appointments very quickly, whether something is pressing or... is defective (everything is always without problems), e.g.... my daughter lost a splint, could come right over and the new splint was ready in less than 24 hours, practice is well-kept, everything is top. Doctors and team super friendly!!! I can recommend the practice!read more
Fenya WyssadaFenya Wyssada
19: 46 15 Sep 22
I have had an Invisalign treatment. The advice was very good and the prices were transparent at all times. thanks dr Kirsch and his team now have straight teeth again. I always felt comfortable in the practice.
A BeckA Beck
05: 20 09 Sep 22
We are very happy with our daughter's straight teeth. dr Kirsch and his team did a great job. The costs for the treatment were completely covered by the health insurance company. we can dr Definitely recommend cherry!
Google usersGoogle users
21: 34 27 April 22
Teeth have become relatively straight, but the result can definitely be improved! My upper canine tooth is still totally crooked and has now completely shifted again 8 years after the end of the treatment, so that the tooth is shifting my entire row of teeth. The team has always been relative... rude. If I could turn back time, I would have gone to a different orthodontist.read more
KFO Bergheim, practice award 5 stars. Award of the orthodontic practice Dr. Frank Kirsch, near Cologne with seal of quality.
KFO Bergheim, orthodontic practice Dr. Frank Kirsch Dr. Lukas Mertens Bergheim, aligners

Invisalign - the invisible braces

in our practice for orthodontics Dr. Frank Kirsch, Dr. Lukas Mertens (Invisalign specialist and platinum provider) in Bergheim. 

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The clear alternative to fixed braces at any age

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Treatment for children & adults

For children

Do you need braces? Then you are exactly right with us, your KFO in Bergheim. A beautiful smile with straight, healthy teeth and an optimal bite is the goal of your treatment.

KFO Bergheim, orthodontic practice Dr. Frank Kirsch Dr. Lukas Mertens Bergheim, children

For adults

Healthy and straight teeth are your personal flagship and convey a positive expression: Straight teeth with a bite - at any age!


Our services

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Treatment process at your Bergheim Orthodontics Dr. Cherry:

Consulting In a free and non-binding consultation appointment in our orthodontic practice in Bergheim we examine your teeth, gums and misaligned teeth and advise you on the options for aligner treatment. At this appointment we can give you a rough estimate of the treatment costs. initial diagnosis The initial diagnosis is crucial for planning a therapy. Various findings are made on this. The jaw joints are also examined. The following documents are created:
  • Intra- and extraoral photos
  • Digital x-ray of the teeth
  • Intraoral 3D scan
Evaluation and therapy planning: After evaluating the findings, the therapy is planned and the ClinCheck is created. The ClinCheck corresponds to a 3D simulation of tooth movements. Start of treatment: After all aligners have been produced, the treatment can begin. If necessary, small, tooth-colored plastic dots are glued to certain teeth so that even difficult movements can be carried out precisely. You wear each aligner 22 hours a day for 7 days and then switch to the next aligner. Checks are carried out in our practice at regular intervals. Experience visible success in a short time. Retention and stabilization: After the end of the active movement, we recommend inserting retainers in the upper and lower incisor area to secure the results.

In addition to the inconspicuous nature of the treatment method, a major advantage lies in the shorter duration of the orthodontic treatment in Bergheim. While with fixed braces all teeth must first be leveled with elastic arches before teeth can be precisely moved using stable arches and elastic rubber chains, this step is completely eliminated with an aligner treatment. Since the sequence of all movements is planned precisely before the start of an aligner treatment, aligner treatments are completed around 1/3 faster than conventional treatments. At the beginning of the treatment, all the aligners required for the treatment are already produced, which means that the check-up appointments can be arranged flexibly and do not have to take place at fixed intervals as with fixed braces. Emergency appointments due to loose brackets or annoying wires are also completely eliminated.

Transparent splints like those from Invisalign are a clear alternative to fixed braces. Your treatment with aligners consists of a series of several removable aligners that you change weekly. Aligners are thin splints that cover your teeth like a second skin. You can easily remove your aligners to eat and brush your teeth, so there are no restrictions. By changing the aligners every week, the teeth are moved bit by bit into the final position that your specialist in Bergheim has planned for therapy. An aligner treatment is not only suitable for adults. Treatments for children and adolescents are also possible with "Invisalign Teen". Depending on the extent of the necessary corrections, between 7 and 50 aligners are often required. Average treatment times are between 6 and 12 months. The aligner method with Invisalign is the ideal treatment method for small, medium and severe corrections of misaligned teeth.

Compared to conventional treatment methods, aligner treatments in Bergheim are usually completed in a much shorter time and with fewer check-ups. Reasons for this lie in the exact planning by us and the treatment method.

The cost of treatment with Dr. Kirsch, orthodontist Bergheim and Dr. Lukas Mertens, M.Sc. Orthodontics Bergheim, are individual depending on the severity of the tooth misalignment.

dr Lukas Mertens, M.Sc Orthodontics Bergheim, was intensively trained by Align Technology (USA) as an Invisalign specialist by experienced, internationally renowned clinical specialists. In addition to his orthodontic work in an orthodontic practice, he worked as an Invisalign specialist at Align Technology (San Jose, USA) in an international team, further developing the "invisible" Invisalign braces. The knowledge from countless planned and set ClinCheck treatment plans to treat even highly complex treatment tasks with aligners benefits the small and large patients in Bergheim.

Over 10 million people worldwide have already been successfully treated orthodontically with the Invisalign system. This wealth of experience will also benefit you. The rail material (“Smartrack”) is unique and patented worldwide.

Pain is always subjective and everyone has a different perception of pain. Due to the precise planning with only small movements per splint, the pain is significantly less compared to conventional fixed braces.

Definitely! Orthodontic treatments are possible at any age. Aligner treatments in particular adapt well to your everyday life and are hardly noticeable to others.

Aligner treatments adapt well to your everyday life. A short adjustment phase is completely normal.